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Tyrrells racing is an industry leading pioneer when it comes to results - fully traceable results since 2018 all independently verified by two third party companies

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Here at Tyrrells we invest heavily within the industry and have our own stable of horses with some of UK & Ireland’s best up and coming trainers

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"A very well measured service with a high level of quality info which combined with their efficient points weighting system is showing a very good output of results in profit and ROI. JP and the team are honest and transparent that you won’t and shouldn’t expect to win all the time but by following the strategy and using bankroll management as 2 key influencers they have helped me gain healthy profits over the past 8 months while following"

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"By far the best service that I’ve been a part of! Genuine guys with genuine information, who care about their members winning. Pleasure to be a member of both the Tipping Service and Tyrrells Racing Club!"

Stephen Logan

Tyrrells Racing Club has been set up for members of the tipping service to partake as an Owner in the Sport Of Kings at a fraction of the price of owning a horse individually! The syndicate seeks to source value-for-money thoroughbreds, who will enrich owners experience within the wonderful world of Horse Racing in the UK! Horses will compete over both codes, and will be trained from a range of training centres geographically!

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