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With contacts in some of the shrewdest yards, our clients have been at the profit of some of the most notorious gambles in the past decade.​ Having lived in Newmarket for nearly a decade, JP’s phonebook is full of all the people worth knowing!

We pride ourselves on a select service, where we’ll only advise horses to our members that are considered to be value prices. In due course, this is how Tyrrells Racing makes consistent long term profits!

Tyrrells Racing is a professional advisory service, specialising in Flat Racing throughout the UK and Ireland. The service is headed up by JP, who has been both betting and tipping professionally now for over a decade, with proofed results that would be amongst the very best in the industry!

Tyrrells Racing has one sole objective – Long Term Profit!

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What Happen When i join?

Betting Bank and Staking Plan

The key to winning money long term is having a structured staking plan.

Why? Despite what many cretinous gamblers will tell you, there is no such thing as a certainty in sport, and it is important to have a staking strategy with this in mind!

As we have already mentioned, the sole objective of Tyrrells Racing is generating Long Term Profit. The only way to generate Long Term Profit is by betting ‘value’ opportunities over a sustained period of time. Without going in to too much detail here, this does not necessarily mean backing big-priced selections which is a great misconception of many bad gamblers. It is very plausible for there to be more ‘value’ in a 6/4 shot than a 33/1 shot.

For an extreme example, a prime Usain Bolt would be ‘value’ at 6/4 to beat any man on the planet in a 100-meter race. At 33/1, JP would not be ‘value’ to beat any Olympic standard sprinter in a 100-meter race. ‘Value’ opportunities should be judged on their own merits, and assessing races and identifying ‘value’ is the true skill in gambling.

In order to obtain ‘value’, it is recommended to have access to as many different bookmakers’ accounts as possible. This is because whilst many bookmakers will have similar prices and terms, the small marginal differences will impact your bottom line profit. The more time and effort you put into sourcing, opening, and managing accounts, the more money you will make long term!

With the above in mind, we recommend our members start with a betting bank of approximately 100 points.

For example, if you start with a combined £1,000 in your betting banks, this means each point would be worth £10. £1,000 divided by 100 points = £10 a point.

The number of points that you start with depends on how risk-averse you are, and how aggressive you want to be in seeking profits. We recommend 100 points, but I couldn’t argue either way if you wanted to start with 70 or 130 point banks. I wouldn’t recommend starting outside of these parameters because there would be either an increased chance of losing a significant proportion of your bankroll, or not fully maximising the profit-making opportunities that our service provides.

We then advise bets on a 1-5pts basis. Our Max Bet is 5pts Win, or 2.5pts Each Way. This means that your maximum exposure on any given bet will be circa 5% of your bankroll. This may not sound very much, but this would be in line with many professional staking strategies that understand risk and have the objective of generating Long Term Profits!

Tips are not graded on strength on confidence of victory. Instead, they are graded on how much ‘value’ we perceive there to be in the price.

So, what is value?

Value is the price differential between the price available with the bookmakers, and what the ‘true price should be. Assessing what the ‘true price should be in sports betting is very difficult, especially when betting on animals. And it is even more difficult when you assessing animals that are either in the infancy of their career or yet to see a racecourse! This is referred to as the ‘Expected-Value’ or ‘EV’, and can easily be researched online.

This is the real skill between a good tipster and a ‘tipster’ that just puts up every piece of information that they hear! Many ‘tipsters’ don’t even attempt to quantify what the true price should be, and whether they are advising ‘value’ bets to their clients.

My target profit objective is a 15-20% Return On Investment (R.O.I), which means over time I need to bet a portfolio of selections with a 15-20% Expected Value. This said, I certainly wouldn’t ignore a bet which I confidently believed only had an ‘Expected Value’ of 10%. Whilst it would bring the R.O.I. down, it would still be a confident profit-making opportunity for our bottom line.

After analysing a race, and creating a ‘tissue’, if I believe a horse should be 2/1, I wouldn’t be interested in betting it unless it was 9/4+. Why? Because I want the odds to be on my side, and I put a 10% margin of error in for human error. Below is a table showing the Expected Value based on the various prices that could be on offer, and how I would grade my the selections.

The reason I increase my stakes based on how much Expected Value is in the selection rather than the chances of a horse winning, is because I want to maximise profit-making opportunities. As previously highlighted, the objective of our service is to make Long Term Profits, not to have a high strike-rate. Whilst it would be lovely to have a high strike-rate, this is a secondary benefit, and will never detract ourselves away from the main objective.

As already mentioned, every market and selection is judged on their individual merits, so whilst the above table is indicative of my thought process, it is far from a universal approach.

The above is a very simplistic reasoning behind our staking system, but I hope that we have justified our methods as scientific, and filled you with confidence that the reason we profit is not a coincidence, but rather because we are professionals in our field!


Am I guaranteed to make a profit?

No. This isn’t even up for discussion, and any tipster that promotes to the contrary is being both dishonest and unethical. Whilst we cannot guarantee making our members a profit, we genuinely do believe we are amongst the very best tipsters in the UK, and our past results prove that. We have generated 14 years of consistent profits, and we are very confident of making our members a consistent long-term profit, yet nothing in sport is guaranteed!

What sites should I use to bet on?

The bookmaker with the biggest price! Very simply, you can never have enough accounts or access to placing ‘value’ bets. We cannot recommend enough to have as many betting accounts open as possible, as it will further add to your bottom line profit. We will endeavour to advise which bookmakers are best price when tipping a selection, but it is always worth checking Oddschecker.com to ensure you are getting the best odds!

What is your strike rate?

A completely irrelevant statistic that should never be considered in isolation. Without considering the average price of selections, knowing the strike rate of a tipping service is completely worthless… unless you aren’t actually concerned about making a long-term profit! A strike rate of a service only takes in to consideration what percentage of bets win. It doesn’t tell you the bottom line profit, which should be any genuine tipsters objective!

How do I get your tips?

At present, we use the WhatsApp Broadcast facility. Due to the time-sensitive nature of getting information and placing bets, we want to use the most appropriate form of communication. This may mean we change providers in the future, but all decisions will be made with the members' benefits as the primary interest.

Why do you tip two horses in a race some time?

Our complete objective is generating members long-term profit. In order to achieve this, we have to find ‘value’ selections for our members. It is very possible for us to identify two (or more) ‘value’ betting opportunities in the same race, and it is these ‘value’ betting prospects which will help us achieve our long-term objective of generating profit!

Why do you tip so many favourites, anybody can tip them?

Why do you tip so many favourites, anybody can tip them? Whilst it is true that anyone can tip up a favourite, can anyone generate a long term profit from tipping them? Again, the true skill in being a tipster is identifying value in a price, and it is in fact a lot harder to identify ‘value’ at the top end of a market where the differential between the price, and what the ‘true price’ should be are a lot tighter. ‘Value’ is the be all and end all, and whether that means tipping a 5/4 shot, a 5/1 shot, or a 50/1 shot, it is all relative to the selection in question!

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